We create flyers designs with dual purpose to attract attention and to convert sales through information about offers or the details of an event,. Whether you’re setting up shop or looking to reach new customers, you will get designed eye-catching and stylish business flyer.


1. Start with hungry headline.
a) Keep in remembrance that, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, only 2 out of 10 people will read the rest.
b) Plan the headline that it will hook the customer to read further.

2. Limited Content
a) Don’t try to put lot of information in the flyer.
b) Incorporate precise and necessary content about your products or services.

3. Divide your content into appropriate sections.
a) Don’t describe your product or service with long paragraph text.
b) Limit the text paragraph with two to three easily readable sections and heading to make
it pleasing to the eye.

4. Communicate with target to market’s language
a) Always use language that your target audience easily understand.
b) Prepare flyer in regional language of your target audience to increase the customer attention.

5. Use bullet points and infographics.
a) Summarize your content by using bullet points.
b) Use infographic chart where ever it is necessary makes easier to understand.

6. Place your logo with design
a) Don’t forget to place your logo in the flyer for your brand recognition.

7. Pick up right Colour.
a) Design the flyer with colours that relates your product or services.
b) Use some additional special colours in printing that stand out from your competitors and make your flyer eye catching.

8. High resolution photos.
a) Use images with good quality resolution.
b) Blury and jagged photo can turnoff any reader.
c) Use crisp and clear photo for your flyers.

9. Simple, limit and catchy fonts.
a) Design flyer with two to three font types only.
b) Choose fonts that are easy to understand.
c) For heading, choose unique, Catchy and readable fonts.

10. Add a call to action.
a) It is important information that you are giving to the audience what they should be after reading the flyer.
b) “Call us” or “Order Now” are common examples but feel free to be creative.

11. Include your contact information
a) Include your contact information like website, address, map, contact number etc., clearly for easy readable to the customer.
b) Add route map if necessary to your physical shop.

12. Proof – read your content
a) Make sure you proof read your content correctly without spelling or grammar mistakes as it could steel the attention of your reader.

13. Choose the right paper quality
a) Use good quality paper that make your print good enough and eye catchable.
b) Carefully choose paper quality stock that look good and not too expensive.

14. Apply paper coatings
a) Depending on your budget, Choose coating on paper stock like matt or gloss lamination that make your design more vivid.

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