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We create brochure with precise detail presenting what is your business about and the value you provide to your customers.
Think about this situation?

As you attending a exhibition trade show and meet business people for the first time. At that time you try to learn more about each other company, products or services.  But what happens after that meeting?

A well designed brochure handing over will be remainder to them of what your business is all about. It sets you ahead from your competitors. We believe that well designed brochure have effective influence in your business stratergy

Some tips for creating effective brochure

1) Clearly define the objective of the brochure
a) Is it for company introduction ?
b) Is it an advertising tool ?
c) Is it for a contest ?
d) Is it for a event ?Is it for showcaisng your products ?

The main objective is to point you to the right direction of your Goal

2) Understand about your target audience

Know your target audience to capture their interests. Choose designs reflecting the interests of your customer.

3) Two words must – creative and unique

Aim for a design that is original and unique. Think of a design that can set you ahead from your competitor. Strengthening the brand identity through creativity is recommended

4) It’s brochure, not a book

Get clear intention that you focus on the precise information about your product or service, listing down all the achievements and sucess of your company etc.. Too much of information will just confuse the customers and dilute the essential point of the brochure

5) Avoid Big Words

Dont try to impress the customer with fuzzy words as it is difficult to convey your main point to them. Remember simple English is the best route to take.

6) Put emphasis on the headline
The Headline message is the instant copy of telling what the brochure is about. In case, it is for the advertising,  it must convey what your product or service can it do for its users clearly. Don’t prepare the headlines with your company information.

7) Add to call-to action.

If there is not call to action, a well-designed brochure also doesn’t serve its purpose. Keep in mind that consumer will buy your product or service just moved by your beautiful brochure. It will provide motivation for readers to get in touch with you.

8) Pick the Right Colors.

As like of font if company has a signature Colours, use them. Design with color that relates to your products or services. Play with different shades and tones of that colour to make it more attractive.

9) Use Special Quality paper.

Choose high-quality paper to standout. Use good quality of paper with filmy or matt lamination to make your brochure very attractive.

10) Add Appropriate Images

People are visual creatures enhance your brochure with high resolution appropriate images as it creates more trust of your product or services.  The image you place must resemble the main theme of the brochure.

11) Make audience easy to respond

Ensures that you placed all the necessary contact information like name, website, address, phone number and email of your business. Placing QR code is a modern day technique for the convenience of your audience

Aimn for the designs that can withstand from your competitors. Using of quality paper, choosing the right fonts, colors and adding valuable content. The design must increase its value and makes your business worth keeping

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  • Date:02.9.2020
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